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File server windows 2019 backup slowly

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Hi all, I have a problem with file server backup, since we upgrade the OS of FS to Windows 2019, sometime it backup stay very slowly.

The first time it occurs I fix it restarting my file server, after one month, the problem return.

Only Inc backup occur this, the full backups are ok.

I have a policie with many clients and these other working fine, only file server has problem.

The normal backup of this client take 3 hours in normally conditions, but now it takes 10 hours and the speed from 52MB/s past to 20MB/s.

I don´t know whats happen, nothing was did in file server or master and media server.

Can anybody help me?


My configuration is:

Master Server:

Windows Server 2012 R2 (Virtual Machine)

Two media server MSDP (phisical machines), we have two sites.

My File server client is Windows Server 2019 (Virtual Machine)

Our virtual environment is VmWare

Attached I post two job log one with normally condition and the other with the problem.



Hi sdo, I noted that in the active monitor and job details, the informations explained are different from the past, now with change journal and accelerator enabled I have scanned 10 GB and dedup 84,9% and before when my job was run fine but with no change journal and accelerator enebled, I had scanned 744 GB and dedup 99,4%.

I´m monitoring backup every day and it seams normal despite these differents.


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Thanks for the update.  So "NetBackup Accelerator" deemed that only 10GB of changed data was eligible for client-side dedupe, which would be reasonable, and so the dedupe rate would be less, because a higher percentage of the 10GB was actual real new or changed never seen (fingerprinted) before data.

Have the active elapsed times improved for the backup jobs?

Yes, the job is taking 1:25 hours to complete, now.