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Files are getting skipped in backup.

Level 4

Master Server : Windows 2008, NBU :-

Client: Windows 2008 R2 data center.

 Problem :- Files are getting skipped during the backup.

  VSS is enabled as well as writers are stable on client side.

If individual file is selected in backup selection list.

exited with status 90 (media manager received no data for backup image)


Backup for All_local_Drive completing successfully


Netbackup is not able to see these files, Archive bit is not getting clear from these files.





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when you say individual files.. what are those...?

in windows system files and open files  are being backup as a part of system state, by chance if you select them to take as backup it wil result EC 90. as its get included in system state backup.

as long as you get the backup status code 0 it will be fine..

see if below T/N helps you to answer this..


this above is not relates to your case.. you will need to provide the bpbkar log with Verbose 5 and take the backup of individual file backup and let the job fail and attach the log to this post along with the failed job detail status.