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Find Media ID from a DR file

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Hi All,

     IHAC who is looking to restore some really old data from 2015  and the problem is that all the data is expired , however the good thing is that he thinks that they use to save the catalog media physically with IM , we also have found the DR files related to those days , however we are unable to locate the media ID to be able to call them from Import or Catalog recovery  , Can some have a look at the DR file and help identifying the Media ID ? I have attached the DR file.

Unfortunately, we don't have a support subscription and 7.5 is End of support.




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Unfortunately the catalog DR file would only contain information about where the catalog backup resides.. It would not contain information regarding tapes used for each of the backups..

The DR file attached shows that the catalog backup was taken to a basic disk not to tapes.. the basic disk was located on the host - “xizsdbs1x” at the following path


Since its a disk path I highly doubt that the image would still exist on it

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I agree - no tape. Disk backup only.  

Image files on basic disk: 


Yup!! that's what I was expecting :) it seems to be basic disk, as I mentioned this is very old environment not in use anymore so looks like the data actually got expired , however the only way verify was to have a look at the Policy configured for catalog backup and it shows that the STU was tape and Volume pool was CatalogBackup hence was kind of confused , and I am pretty sure that the DR file used to have a Media ID as well , but in this case looks like it's going to basic disk, not sure why but we have no clue as whoever was handling this is no more with them.

Anyways any other Ideas as most welcome, but it looks like they are out of luck or import all medias ;)


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Unfortunately people change policies for various reasons.
This particular catalog backup was written to disk only.

Any idea when the image expired?
Whats the oldest catalog backup image that you have in NetBackup as of now?

If there is a chance that the image was still valid in NetBackup at the time of the oldest catalog backup present or any catalog backup that may have been present then you could attempt to get the media id from it..

But again all this pain may end up in vain if you eventually notice that the media itself is overwritten