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Flash Backups failing with error :13

Level 5

Policy details

Policy Name:       ADHOC_BCP_VLAPP02_FLASH_28032014

  Policy Type:         FlashBackup-Windows
  Active:              yes
  Effective date:      04/16/2014 14:26:15
  File Restore Raw:    yes
  Mult. Data Streams:  no
  Client Encrypt:      no
  Checkpoint:          no
  Policy Priority:     0
  Max Jobs/Policy:     Unlimited
  Disaster Recovery:   0
  Collect BMR info:    no
  Residence:           vlapp02-hcart3-robot-tld-0
  Volume Pool:         Bang_Adhoc_1mnt_pool
  Server Group:        *ANY*
  Keyword:             (none specified)
  Data Classification:       -
  Residence is Storage Lifecycle Policy:    no
  Application Discovery:      no
  Discovery Lifetime:      0 seconds
ASC Application and attributes: (none defined)

  Granular Restore Info:  no
  Ignore Client Direct:  no
Enable Metadata Indexing:  no
Index server name:  NULL
  Use Accelerator:  no
  HW/OS/Client:  Windows-x64   WindowsXP     VLAPP02

  Include:  \\.\F:

  Schedule:              ADHOC_VLAPP02_Flash
    Type:                Full Backup
    Frequency:           every 7 days
    Maximum MPX:         1
    Synthetic:           0
    Checksum Change Detection: 0
    PFI Recovery:        0
    Retention Level:     10 (12 years)
    Number Copies:       1
    Fail on Error:       0
    Residence:           vlapp02-hcart2-robot-tld-1
    Volume Pool:         (same as policy volume pool)
    Server Group:        (same as specified for policy)
    Residence is Storage Lifecycle Policy:         0
    Schedule indexing:     0
    Daily Windows:

bpbrm logs

04:21:55.265 [5380.3368] <16> bpbrm readline: socket read failed, An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. (10054)04:22:20.718 [5380.3368] <16> inform_client_of_status: could not send server status message

bpbkar logs

4:21:50.578 AM: [3644.5244] <16> dtcp_write: TCP - failure: send socket (776) (TCP 10054: Connection reset by peer)
4:21:50.578 AM: [3644.5244] <16> dtcp_write: TCP - failure: attempted to send 51 bytes
4:21:55.328 AM: [3644.5244] <16> dtcp_write: TCP - failure: send socket (776) (TCP 10054: Connection reset by peer)
4:21:55.328 AM: [3644.5244] <16> dtcp_write: TCP - failure: attempted to send 63 bytes
4:21:55.343 AM: [3644.5244] <2> tar_base::V_vTarMsgW: INF - EXIT STATUS 14: file write failed
4:21:55.343 AM: [3644.5244] <16> dtcp_write: TCP - failure: send socket (776) (TCP 10054: Connection reset by peer)

backup is aborting after some time like 5-6 hours after backed up some data

Here i am confused between to Tech notes


Please suggest as

backup are happening with \\.\D: & \\.\D:\  which one is perfect do this have role to play in above issue

Media server - windows 2003

master server Solaris

also take below points in to consideration

- There is enough space available on drive to create snapshot

- There are more then 1 cr files available in drive

[ Archive_calls is the only folder in drive ]

- whaterver backup happened was with very low throuput

- I  increased read time out for client to 3600




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Do u see any errors in the application logs (there might be something)...It has to be troubleshooted by OS/N/W team rather than nbu person as OS is repoting the error and not netbackup.

I think u can run appcritical test to test ur n/w.

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Status Code 14 and final 13 indicate network issues. Because socket/network related root-causes occur on a lower level then NetBackup can log, all NetBackup can do is indicate that there was an unexpected communication problem.

HOWTO34900 says:

On Windows systems, the client bpbkar log may contain a 10054 Connection Reset Error (usually indicates a hardware error). Somewhere between the NetBackup client and server, the connection was reset. When NetBackup receives this error, it cannot continue the backup. This error has been attributed to the following:

  • A hiccup in the network.
  • A bad network interface card on a NetBackup client.
  • A bad network interface card on the NetBackup server.
  • Faulty routers.
  • Any other applications that interfere with NetBackup connections.



Level 5

Thanks for the reply

I have done call log with symantec TSE for this issue

also did call Log with local network & OS team

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Please post full bpbkar log - snippets do not give enough info. (Copy file to bpbkar.txt and upload as File attachment).

Full bptm and bpbrm logs are also needed to see if data was received from client and up to which point.

My guess is that your Symantec TSE has also asked for these logs?

I don't see a need for bpfis log as it seems that snapshot succeeded and backup was started.

About the slow transfer rate - have you tried to test disk read speed and network transfer rate outside of NBU?

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Since your working with a TSE, please PM me the case number. I would like to follow up with the TSE.

Level 5


bpbkar logs are huge in size like up to 3 GB can not upload

checking with storage team for SAN disk performance

@ SymTerry

Symantec case ID - 06444835


Here is question to all while referring logs i have come across patterns like




in this which are error , warning , information do we have tech note or documentation to understand logging patterns