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Forced removal of NBU6 (windows)?

Level 4
Accredited Certified
I'm in an odd situation. I've had an uninstallation of NBU go bad and now I can't either resume the uninstall or install on top of it. Does anyone by chance know what I would need to do to forcibly remove Netbackup from the Windows registry?

Level 6
Have you got NBU support? The only thing to do is to hack the registry, so best getting Veritas Support involved.

Level 6
Use the local console, not Terminals Services or anything similiar to that. Remove any MPs first. reboot. uninstall Netbackup. reboot. Check for other installations of Netbackup on the server and remove them. There may be some older versions installed on another drive. Finally, remove any registry entries and reboot. I've had to go through these steps before, but then the new installation went well.