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Full Backup did not run per schedule

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Hi Guys!

I transfer some clients to new policy with the following schedule

1 Full backup with frequency set to 1 week (10:05 pm-every saturday)

1 Full force full backup (accelerator enabled) with frequency set to 15 weeks (10:00 pm-every saturday)

 incremental backups with frequency of 1 day (10:00 pm-every sunday to friday) (6 days in a week)

After i create and transfer some clients i ran the full force full backup, Then i noticed that after 3 days the full backup (without accelerator enable) did not run according to schedule.

example: i create and move some clients by wednesday then on thursday the incremental run so i have no problem with that but the full backup (without accelerator enable) did not run for some reason. 

Did I missed something here?


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Are the backups calendar based or frequency based ? 

What are the retentions for daily, full and accelerator full ?

In general I recommend to set the daily backup frequency to 23 hours so the start of the backup windows doesn't creep. Eg. backup start at 10:00 PM for client X, but fails, is then re-tried at 24:00, then the next backup for that client will not start before 24:00 because frequency is 24:00 hours. Days two same happen, then client X backup will not start before 02:00 AM. 

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Besides that, did you clone or create new job policy? I recommend always create new job, when was last time master server was restarted?

Hi @Nicolai 

Actually i dont have problem with incremental but the "full backup" is very concerning.

Both full backup type in 1 policy set with a different schedule name, frequency and start time. 

-Full backup with frequency set to 1 week (10:05 pm-every saturday)

-Full force full backup (accelerator enabled) with frequency set to 15 weeks (10:00 pm-every saturday)

every time we add a new clients in a policy we are required to initiate a manual full force specific to the client server that we added, it means that it will wait 1 week to run a Full backup (no accelerator enabled) with frequency set to 1 week?

example it is Wednesday today. There's existing policy and I add new one client in that policy after that i run manually a full force (accelerator enabled) , I'm expecting to run the full backup (no accelerator enabled) in this saturday  because they have different schedule name with full force (accelerator enabled) even they have the same backup type.


Hello @admin_bkp007 

I "copy into new" from existing policy. 


What are the retention for daily, full and accelerator full ? they have the same retention, i just override the policy storage in every schedule because of SLP

Hi @jramos1 

The two full schedules are treated similarly when determining what schedule to run next. So when you run the force-full mid week for a client, the 1 week frequency based schedule will not try to run for that client for another week from that date (and so will miss your expected weekend full window). 

The way to make the client run a full backup on the weekend is to reduce the frequency of the normal full while leaving the window open for just the day you want it to run. Try dropping the frequency to either 1 or 2 days (it wont run more fulls than expected as the open window wont allow it to run except when you want it to). 

There is a section in the NetBackup Server Admin Guide (vol 1) that expains how NetBackup determines which schedule to run next (it's should be in the Creating Backup Policies chapter).