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Full Database Backup Issue

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I am facing backup issues in my environment.

OS - Windows Server 2008 R2 
SQL - SQL Server 2008 R2
Netbackup Master Version -
Client Master Version -

Issue 1 : Database logs backups are runing fine but full database backups are not working. Full keeps runing fails.
Issue 2 : Backup failed at veritas end but SQL Job keeps runing in hung state. We need forcibly stopped the SQL Agent Backup job each time.

Things we tried :-
1)  Port are checked
2) Access for veritas netbackup account at OS & SQL Server
3) Antivirus exclusion for netbackup process

Please suggest.


Level 6

-Patch to latest and greatest server and client if you can.

-More detail around the log details needed with verbosity upped.

-Anything in the windows logs?

-Do flat file plain backups work ok? (Probably a "yes" since the log backup works)


Level 5


        Check/ Post the output of bpps command . Check whether any dbbackex process is active ,if active kill the dbbackex process and reinitiate the backup




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More info please?

What is the error in NBU?
Please post all text in Details tab of failed job.

Logs needed:

On Client: dbclient

On Media server: bpbrm and bptm

Please ensure that these log folders exist under ...\netbackup\logs on above machines.

I agree with Jim - please upgrade NBU on the client. There were bugs with SQL agent in early versions of NBU 7.5.