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Full Restore of Sharepoint to another farm

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We're using Sharepoint 2010 on a Windows 2008 R2 system, and we're taking backups using NetBackup (Client agent is also at the same level).

We need to create a restore plan for disaster recovery purposes, here is the scenario:

There is a single sharepoint server which is both front-end and back-end server, and has the same sharepoint, O/S and NBU agent versions.

We want to restore the whole Sharepoint Full backup into that system.

According to Sharepoint admin guide, there are two options for Sharepoint restore

Redirected restore of a web application to another farm

Disaster recovery restore of whole sharepoint backup to the same source system.


Any ideas about how this can be accomplished?




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I believe what your looking for was actually addressed by one of our engineers in another connect post: Redirected Restore of a web application to alternate Farm

He even includes a nice, step by step, 15 minute video demonstrating how to perform a Redirected Restore of a web application to alternate using SharePoint Agent for NetBackup.

Also you can refer to HOWTO47543 if you don't want watch a video.

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Thanks Terry for your response, but what I'm looking for is not a "Web application restore", it is a disaster recovery-like restore to another system/farm. I can see there is a section inside Sharepoint admin guide for disaster recovery, but I'm not sure if I can use it, because it requires the same hostname/db structure etc...

My customer wants to do planned backup tests on another test system for disaster recovery test purposes.

If that's not possible, that's OK, but I need to make sure if it is or not...