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Full System restore

Hello ,

I need to restore a windows 2k8 R2 server from full backup .

1.Can i restore the C:\ and system state first with overwrite option in one short?


2. First restore C:\ and other Drives without overwrite and later restore system state with overwirte?

Which option i should be going with ?

I already check the below TN , still need a clarify on the above part,

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Re: Full System restore

The only way that you can hope for a successful recovery using that TN, is to follow the TN.
Since you need to start with reinstallation of the OS, (This procedure requires Windows installation media from Microsoft in order to perform reinstallation of the operating system. The same version/suite must be used) you should ideally choose overwite.
Just my humble opinion....

Do not restore non-system (data) drives at this point.