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Full backup schedule with a schedule type of Frequency

Hello everyone, could you take a question?

I have a frequency-based policy set up as shown below.Schedule: teste
Type: Full Backup
Frequency: every 1 day
Excluded Dates----------
No specific exclude dates entered
No exclude days of week entered
Synthetic: 0
Checksum Change Detection: 0
PFI Recovery: 0
Maximum MPX: 1
Retention Level: 25 (expires immediately)
Number Copies: 1
Fail on Error: 0
Residence: (specific storage unit not required)
Volume Pool: (same as policy volume pool)
Server Group: (same as specified for policy)
Residence is Storage Lifecycle Policy: 0
Daily Windows:
Monday 02:00:00 --> Monday 04:00:00
Tuesday 02:00:00 --> Tuesday 04:00:00
Wednesday 02:00:00 --> Wednesday 04:00:00
Thursday 02:00:00 --> Thursday 04:00:00
Friday 02:00:00 --> Friday 04:00:00

My doubt is, how long does netbackup understand that the next backup should be performed, if I perform a manual backup at 10:00 am on Thursday and why?

Will it be 02:00 or 10:00 am on Friday?

There is no "Exclude date"

Thank you all.


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Re: Full backup schedule with a schedule type of Frequency


You have selected a frequency of 'every 1 day'. 

This means 1 backup in 24-hour timeframe.

So, when the backup window opens, the scheduler checks - has any successful backup ran for this schedule in the last 24 hours? 
If the answer is 'yes' (because you have kicked off a manual backup) the backup for that window will be skipped. 
The schedule will only be considered again at the next interval. 

Please have a look at this article that I have shared some time ago (the Symantec links do not work anymore, but the rest is still valid):

Please download the pdf and read the doc for hints and tips on how to best use Frequency based scheduling. 

Re: Full backup schedule with a schedule type of Frequency

As Marianne stated, the backup would be skipped, as 24 hours has not passed since that client's last successful backup.

The general rule of thumb I've used for frequency based schedules is to make the frequency 2/3 of the scheduled type. This helps prevent schedule creeping, and ensures that backups kick off when you're expecting them to.

For daily backups: 18 hours

Weekly: 5 days (with a start window on the day of the week that you want the job to run)

The backups will only start when their window opens, so as long as your frequency is longer than the backup window (i.e. don't set a frequency of 18 hours if your backup window is 20 hours long) they will only run once a day anyways.

I recommend using calendar-based schedules for monthly or yearly backups.