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GRT on a storage unit

now i can make a GRT backup and restore using GRT technology... but i used a basic disk as a basic disk.. i have a problem with space i tried staging but the image still on the basic disk .. how can i delete the image after staging or how can i control the space of this basic disk...


another Q?

i want to know the steps of restoring the GRT after being duplicated on tape how can i restore the image from tape to disk and then restore

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Staging to tape leaves the

Staging to tape leaves the image on disk. The disk images are controlled by (which ever comes first):

  1. Expiration date (retention level)
  2. High water mark

So, when the next backup kicks off and start writing, the backup will pause when the high water mark is reached and expire/delete images that have been successfully staged to tape, then carry on writing.

Think of it: You DON'T want the images to be deleted off disk the moment the duplication has completed. How are you going to restore single item?

If you want to restore from an image that only exists on tape, you need to duplicate back to disk.

Try to obtain enough disk storage to accommodate at least 2 full backups.

what about make the shared folder as a storage unit

the basic disk is on cluster and i want to make the storage unit map to the cluster name not to the node name ...

i want to ask can i make a shared folder as a storage unit if yes ... how can i

Clustered Media Servers are

Clustered Media Servers are no longer supported and although an application cluster could be set up the one Media Server would loose its shared disk when it failed over

So although you could have a Media Server application cluster using shared disk would not be an option.

so what about an ordinary shared folder

can i make a shared folder as a storage unit

A basic disk staging storage

A basic disk staging storage unit just points to a folder, i have even see a UNC path used but a local disk has its advantages as NetBackup is able to minitor the free disk space properly

It should however be a dedicated volume (not used for anything else) as NetBackup will fill it up so you dont want it to be used for anything apart from backups

so it can't be a storage unit for a shared folder

so it can't be a storage unit for a shared folder

i want to ask about the place of the storage unit

how to make a cluster media server...

i want a details and steps about that ..

by this solution i can browse for the folder when creating a storage unit using the media server cluster name .

so can u give me the details and steps of creating media server in cluster

As i have said a clustered

As i have said a clustered Media Server is no longer supported (assuming you are or will be at V7.1)

Please see this tech note in relation to an application cluster in which each node is a Media Server (you cannot use the virtual name)

This is the Highly Available Guide - see the Application Cluster section:

Hope this helps