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Generate a Move Template by command line, possible?

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I can generate a Move Template by using the NetBackup MS SQL Client without problems, it locates the NBIMAGE, and correctly identifies the MOVE parameter to use. The logical dbname is not the same as the one that's found in the NBIMAGE even when parsing it.

I can use the following to retrieve the NBIMAGE name.

bplist.exe -B -t 15 -C <remote client> -R -I -l /


But, db001 is the current DB Name, not the logical name. When using the GUI this will give me the line

MOVE "gold_db" for the data

MOVE "gold_log" for the log

Yet these are not present in the NBIMAGE path retrieved from bplist.

I've seen hints that bpflist can get the metadata required, but that's not available on client installs.

How can I replicate the script generation process from the command line to generate the same Move Template as it would if done via the GUI?


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The bpflist command is:

bpflist -client SQLhost1 -pt MS-SQL-Server  -d  MM/DD/YYYY

Can Windows client request to run a remote command in master server, and get thre result back?  I believe it can be done, just not sure how to do it. Note that master server in latest version has tighter security measure, so this may get more difficult.

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There is a chapter in the SQL admin guide about create scripts by bplist, there might be some clues there.

There has also been a post here about finding the SQL meta data from the backup images, just can't remember what is was called.

Maybe you can see the relevant commands in the dbclient log when creating the move template through the GUI.

The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue