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Getting 96 error

Level 5
I am getting 96 error code inspite of enough scratch media inside the LIB.Media are not freezed
We started the NB services 2 times . and then it started working
Any clue why this happened. ?

Level 6
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Check your robot availability and connectivity cause sometimes it can be root cause of such problems

Level 4
check the available media..
view the log reports of nbemm..
may be incorrect retention levels..netbackup does not allow multiple retentions in same tapes

Level 5
can you tell me th location of nbemm logs
i coudnt find under. .usr/openv/netbackup/logs/
I think its not enabled. Do i need to create dir inorder to enable it?

Level 4

if u dont configure unified logging..
use .../vxlogcfg to configure..
use .../vxlogview to see that log reports..

Level 6
You get a 96 when the conditions of requesting a tape cannot be fulfilled.

So what you need to look at.

Wrong media type.
If your tape drives are of type HCART you must have available media of type HCART for it to use.
If all the available tapes are HCART 3 then you do not have a match and it will give you a 96.
So check your drive type against the media type and see if they match.

You do not have a real scratch pool.
Look at the properties of your scratch pool and see if it is check as being one. Just calling it SCRATCH does not make it a scratch pool.

Storage unit.
Check your policy for what storage unit it wants to use.
Is that storage unit configured to use the library that has the scratch tapes.