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Getting error while registering media server for DD in storage server option in java admin console

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I have DD with 2 IP's one is management and other is data. communication is happening between media server and DD management IP but when i tried to ping DD data IP from media server getting request timed out error.

I am trying to register window media server for DD data IP interface in storage server option in NBU java admin console and getting error : add credentials failed for media server : plugin error (2060046)

i can register media server with DD management IP in storage server option.

port icmp,111,2049 are open bi-directional between media server and DD (mgmt. and data IP).




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If you don't have base network communication working at the OS level, you're not going to be able to register with the media server.

I'm assuming these IP addresses are in different networks?

Can you ping that data IP from anywhere else?

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Able to register media server for the DD but media server is showing offline under Devices>media servers in java console.

Job detal giving error" disk media server is not active"

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You did not respond to previous post.
Did you manage to fix 'ping' problem?
Did you add hosts entries on DD and media servers?
Have you checked and confirmed firewall ports?

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Another post left unanswered by @lovee ?


sorry for late reply. I was able to fix this problem. thanks for asking.

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We participate in Community forums not to only seek advice, but also share experience and help others that may be battling with same issues.

Please be so kind and tell us HOW you have fixed the issue.


I was adding dest. server entry on source side as trusted master instead of this when i added source server entry on dest. side as trusted master, it resolved my issue.