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GlobalDB hostname has not been set ( MM status 4 )

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Im configuring a windows media server with a Unix master server. already added media server to emm database. In media server´s device manager robot and drives are seen ( robot is in same SAN zone as Master server ). but when trying to run Device Configuration wizard I get this error "globalDB hostname has not been set ( MM Status 4 ). Already run nbemmcmd -addhost to add media server name to emm database in master server.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Hello Team,

I am facing the same issue.

Recently 1 more NIC was added to one of our SAN Media server and from that time the backups starts giving error.

I made the host entry of both Ip address and the issue not fixed. I cleaned the cache but no luck.

Can you please provide the step by step configuration to resolve the issue. The NSLOOKUP of the SAN Media server resolves both the ip address. 

When i ping and bptestbpcd from the master it takes first ip and when i execute the same from media server it points the second ip.


Please help.

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check these technotes and use the Preferred Network setting.

or use route command to configure the gateway that connect the media server to the master

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When I faced this error last time…. It was “Cisco Endpoint Protection “ which was faulting ltid daemon and causing this problem. After we excluded NetBackup install directories from “Cisco Endpoint Protection “ scanning and rebooted systems it started working.

Please check in your environment if you are running “Cisco Endpoint Protection “ and have security policies implied.