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Granular control of user-rights? Logging about config-changes? (NetBackup 6.5.3)

Level 2

Does anybody out there know if it's possible to have granular user-rights for the NetBackup server console?

To be specific:

o) Is it possible to have for example "operator"-users that are allowed to see backup status but can't change settings?

o) Is it possible to have "node-admins", i.e. users that can manually start backups/restores for distinct nodes?

If yes, could anybody please point me to the right direction/manual?

Apart from that: Is there any logging in NetBackup 6.5.3 about which user performed which action? For example "user A" having defined a new node, "user B" deleted a client node etc.?

Thanks much in advance for your help,


Level 4

Hi Ewald

NetBackup's Access Control can restrict and control access to different parts of the Admin Console.  In order to install and configure it, you must setup Veritas Security Services (VxSS).  Once this is configured properly you will then be able to edit and control access to different parts of the console.

As for allowing backup/restores for specific nodes on a per user basis, the closest thing to this you can do with Access Control would be to grant Backup/Restore rights per user, but this would be throughout the whole NBU environment and not specific to that server.

I don't think NetBackup has a auditing function as far as I know off.

Hope that helps