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HELP! NBU 7.1 and VIP error - discovery document error(1001)

Level 3

Hi all,

We are running a newly built NBU 7.1 environment.

We are using Intelligent Policies for the VM's and they seem to have been working OK (minus not getting all the VM's).  I went to work on why some of the VM were being missed and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I start getting 1001 failures.  The error simply says discovery document error(1001).

The backups were working just fine and then all of a sudden this happens.  When I try to use the query builder it returns nothing now, when before it would return the appropriate VM's.  I have not changed the query and I have even simplified it to include everything, and still I get nothing at all returned.

Our environment consists of RedHat Master, AIX Media and Windows Media all on 7.1 and our ESX environment is the latest vSphere.  Most of our VM's are VM 7's.  We have a few we are working on upgrading from 4 to 7 and there is a handful that we are upgrading to the latest tools.  

I have only found one article relating to this error and it says that "The Policy Execution Manager (pem) is unable to parse the XML document returned from the discovery operation. This error is an internal error."

I have sent the requested logs to our support vendor, but I am hoping someone here has some more information on this issue.

BTW - We have been inplementing this system for the last 2 months now from the ground up, and tomorrow (Friday) is our deadline for the full cut-over.  So I am really really up against the wall here...


Level 2

Have you received any feedback from your support vendor on this?  I am running into the same error with a Windows NBU 7.1 environment when attempting to run backups against ESXi 4.1 U1.  Thanks in advance.

Level 3

I am getting the same error in NetBackup 7.1.02 on the Windows platform using the automatic scripts.   The backups are running ok, but the main job errors out with the 1001 error. 


10/28/2011 7:59:13 AM - end Parent Job; elapsed time: 00:00:01
discovery document error(1001) 


We are running VMware version 4.1 update 1.   All the backups succeed, just the main parent job fails with this error.