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HOW to restore SYSVOL?

Level 3

I have MSWINDOWS policy in NetBackup 7.7.3 from where we are taking backup of System state:\ and c:\Windows\SYSVOL folder. The server is active directory server. 

  1. When we are trying top take backup with GRT enable in policy, backup showing partially successful. Is it possible to take backup with GRT enable in policy? If Yes then why it is showing partially successful and if not then why? 
  2. The Folder backup C:\Windows\SYSVOL is showing empty when I am going to restore from it.
  3. Is it possible to restore the data for a single user from the backup? 

Please help me to find the answer of my questions. 


Level 6
Accredited Certified

For your first question you can refer this technote which I believe could be your issue

Open required ports: 29588 (nbfsd port); 2049 (nfs); 111 (portmap).

NetBackup Client on the client must not be started with “Local System” but must be started with a Domain Administrator Account.

Active Directory GRT backup completes with status 1 

For second question maybe it is not backed up so not showing anything..The whole purpose of GRT option is to show granular details to restore it to remote or local server

For 3rd question you should be able to restore individual objects.. so restoring data for a single user should be possible