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HP StoreOnce OST Plug in for NetBackup on Windows/Linux/Solaris & HPUX

There have been several queries on this forum about downloading the HP StoreOnce OST Plug in for NetBackup, which seem either out of date or don't give the actual information, so here is the latest info.

An article from Dec 2012 on HP's Support Center HP D2D/B6000 StoreOnce Backup Systems - OST Software Information with Download Details directs you to:

But with the incorrect username and password!

Please use the following:



Once there, the following HP StoreOnce OST Plug ins are available for download:

  • HP StoreOnce Catalyst Plugin for Oracle RMAN Windows v1.0
  • HP StoreOnce Catalyst Plugin for Oracle RMAN Linux v1.0
  • HP StoreOnce Enterprise Manager V1.2 for Windows
  • HP StoreOnce D2D OST Plugin v1.2 for Windows/Linux/Solaris & HPUX
  • HP OST Plugin v2.0 for NBU for Solaris Sparc v10/HPUX 11.31i
  • HP OST Plugin v2.0.1 for BE for Windows
  • HP OST Plugin v2.1 for NBU for Windows/Linux

Release notes and installation guides are usually included with each plug in's tar/zip file.

Please ensure that your environment is compatible with the latest Symantec and HP matrices, including the HP Enterprise BURA Solutions (EBS) Compatibility matrix on SPOCK (requires an HP Passport account creating):

[It will be updated for OST v2.1 shortly!].

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