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Has certification helped you?

Symantec is always looking for human-interest stories from Symantec Certified Specialists, particularly during a global economic downturn.  Let others know If you have a story to tell -- perhaps how certification helped distinguish you from other candidates, or maybe how you received a salary increase once you got Symantec certified.  Or, since preparing to be certified and getting certified, have you increased time to efficiency by being able to make full use of the software? 

Tell us your story and help us improve the program.

Thank you,

The Symantec Certification Team
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certification may be required

A few years ago I was working for a contracting company that won a large contract with the federal government. One of the requirements in the contract was certification of the contractors in the field that they were to be working. I was the NetBackup administrator for two NetBackup environments running NetBackup 4.5 and was in the process of upgrading to NetBackup 5.x.  I tested and became certified for data protection for UNIX and also Windows. Although it did not provide additional income for me it did help the contracting company I was working for win the federal contract. I have since then moved on and have not had a need for the certification.

Now the certification for NetBackup 5.1 is not of much value as that version is no longer supported by symantec. If Symantec would reward me with NetBackup 6.5 training then I would endeavor to become certified in Netbackup 6.5 :)


Certification helped me do more

I was certified on NetBackup v5 a few years  ago.

At the time, I was managing 2 NetBackup environments for a data center offering Managed Services.  The main reason to get the certification was to be able to provide customers with a comfort level that our engineers were certified in the products that we use.

Since there were no books that pertained to the NetBackup certification tests, I had to download the testing guide from the NetBackup site. By going through the testing guide I was exposed to several areas of the product that I had not used in detail and I learned about some of the performance tuning and reports that were available.

So, while I did not benefit monetarily I did get beneficial information about the product that helped me to do my job better so it was worth it.


I am not certified yet

but my coworkers insist that I am certifiable. ;)

Which citification would you

Which citification would you recommend for Netbackup newbie and what best resources to read

No certifications just several years of experience

When starting out on NetBackup it is a lofty piece of software to get used to. But a good one to sink your teeth into. At first it is the initial response/impulse to try and become certified or at least trained officially.

At the time we got Netbackup 3.4 back in 2000 that was the reaction. But getting training was hard to get on the product, not many training companies offered it locally then.

9 years have now passed and after a moving all the way through the major releases and updates using NetBackup on several platforms and its several facets of implementation and features it has given us over the years I have those years of experience in my pocket, so wouldn't consider going for certification now.

It really depends on your job/career path I would say, and how you want to promote yourself as a Netbackup Administrator.

I'm still learning new ways to use the product, or get the best out of it on my own. And sometimes that is more rewarding than a piece of paper. It would be a nice to have though.

(Bob I would vote you get recognition/rewarded for your strong community involvement)


certifications always help

certifications always help even if it won't leads to great pay hike but u will be studying guides which gives knowledge about few  things u have not used before.

Enterprise Vault SCS


I've moved around in various areas in the IT business, basically from desktop-support to being the System Admin I am now. I am responsible for Enterprise Vault in a large environment.

During my moves, I have never had to show any certificate to prove I indeed posessed what I claimed to posess. I am an MCSE NT+I, MCSE2000/2003 (messaging), MCITP, SCS7.5 and SCS8.0 (for the last 2 I took the Beta-exam).

These certifications did not result in pay-rises. What they did do was proving to myself that I did (still do) know what I was/am talking about.

Colleagues make little jokes (duh, ask the multi-certified guy), but I am the one holding the certifications, not them!

As I am happy with my current employer and job, I have not yet experienced if the certifications help in landing a job, but I do believe that it will help my cv stand out against the other x-number of applicants.
As for the specific EV certification, In Europe, especially in the Netherlands, it is only a very small circle of people that has heard of EV. Possibly because EV is not as needed as it is in other countries (legal/security reasons) but I do feel that the market is growing.

And yes, following the training and reading the material did point me to some interesting parts of the application I am either not using, or was not aware of.

Regards. Gertjan

Not certified yet

I've been working with Netbackup for several years now, starting with 5.1, and I have not received my cert yet.  My colleagues insist that I take the test, but I think I would like to wait a little while longer.

I've come across people that have received their certification, and they have all stated that they were glad they got it, however it has not earned them anything monetarily.  They did think however, that when looking for a job it got their resume's some extra nods from hiring managers.

In Brazil

Depends on the place U R, depends on the jobs U got,

Here in Brazil in enterprise business certification is mandatory, governamental and stuff

but there is a lot of certified people so jobs become difficult .. soo as always happens, $$$$ <<<<

I got EMC TA certificatoin and it was very expencive for me.. and I'm Studding for Netbackup 6.5 certification trying to get on line material and stuff, but I don't think that I 'll be able of getting so.. here I go $$$ again


A lot of (technology) corses appears here, there is a LOT of people graduated, but that dont mean that all of them can help.
an example is  " In college I had DATABASE classes, I'm a computting engeneer, I was learning how to build and DATABASE.. and NOT how to work with ORACLE, MSSQL and stuff"

In Brazil every one here knows.. If you want a professional look for certification
if u want a teacher look for Curriculum, an interview and stuff.

by the way.. i'm a techer too :)

I want to be Netbackup

I want to be Netbackup certified but how can I do this??? 

I have found a Netbackup course but not to Symantec. Can I after this course to obtain the certificate from Symantec???

Marius D.

Depends on your area

Here in Raleigh, NC, there are several training facilities that offer courses for various segments of the IT industry, including OS certification (Linux, Solaris, Windows) as well as application certifcations (Netbackup, Oracle, MSSQL).  Sometimes these courses are taught by facility staff, and sometimes they bring in vendor trainers, such as someone from Symantec to teach a class on Netbackup.  Typically, at the end of the course, they allow you to take whatever certification test is required by the vendor, and the cost of the test is usually worked into the cost of the course (which is never cheap).  You can also go to these same training facilties to take the test by itself, if you've studied up on your own.  You pay the fee that Symantec charges, plus a little on top of that because usually someone from the facility has to proctor the test.

ok, Thanks

ok, Thanks

Certification has helped

I first got certified as a Veritas NBU 4.5 Data Protection Profession in 2005.  The tests were very hard, but they forced me to read the manuals and to understand the basics of NetBackup and how it works. When Symantec took over, my cert got expired and replaced with the partner STS Cert Exams, which I have passed.  Experience is what really matters.  I would say if you are first starting off learning NetBackup, go for your certifications as a learning process and have something to offer besides experience.