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Having issue with SLP Duplication to tape from DD...using remote media server.

Level 4

Running NBU 7.7.3, using SLP to do Data Domain to Data Domain to tape.

Site A DD   <---> Site B DD   --> Site B tape library

I had been having issues with the DD to DD part, and read that for opt-dupe I should allow both remote and local media servers to "see" both appliances. That remediated some error codes 191/83 I was getting on the DD to DD duplications. But now what I'm seeing is NBU is picking any media server to "read" from Site B DD when doing the duplication to tape. So a backup image from Site B, thats being duplicated to tape in site B, is read from a media server in Site A. Can I force the tape media server (which also has access to both DDs) to be the "read" host on the duplication? I suspect this is the reason for some abysmal tape backup throughput.

I ran an nbemmcmd to set COMMON_SERVER_FOR_DUP to "required"...not sure if that will make a difference.



Level 5
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Not sure this relates to your situation; but in the duplicate entry in your SLP, you can specify "alternate read server" (bottom right side).

- Be aware, depending on your solution, you can force one storageserver to read the DD from/using another storageserver and then write to tape using a storagee-unit defined on yet another storageserver. Always do small testjob and identify the data-path before production.