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How Are Job Priority Catagories Linked to Storage Lifecycle Management?


We are running Netbackup 7.5.5 and are gathering information to start configuring our current backup policies to include Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze job priority classifications.

One of the concerns that was brought up is how are these priority classifications linked/related to storage lifecycle management? We want to avoid any unintended consequences if we configure these priorities.





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Job Priority ?  Do you mean

Job Priority ?  Do you mean Priority for secondary operations ?


The latter number "represents the priority that jobs from secondary operations have in relationship to all other jobs.

For example, the Priority for secondary operations for a policy with a gold data classification may be set higher than for a policy with a silver data classification. "


Generally we leave those to default value.  If you do mean Job Priority on the Policy attributes tab, we also leave those to default unless they is pressing need to alter them.



Interesting. Sounds like

Interesting. Sounds like there's more to the configuration than we had originally thought.

Here's what we're trying to accomplish: Our libraries are very busy 24/7/365 and we want to make sure that drive availability is prioritized in the order that we designate by Platinum - Bronze, in descending order.

Some backup jobs are more critical, while some only require a "best effort". We felt that by prioritizing jobs using the Platinum, Gold, etc. categories, our highest priority jobs would have a higher success rate if there were ever jobs competing for backup resources.

We have not configured jobs using the Platinum, Gold, etc. categories, but instead have a numerical priority classification. What would be your suggestion regarding prioritizing our most critical jobs?

Thank you,