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How can I check that the datastore LUNs are accessible to VMware Backup Host.

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reetings to all !!

Master Server :
Linux VM : 2.6
NBU Version :

Media Server :
NetBackup Appliance 5230
NBU Version :
NBU Appliance Version :

Transport Mode : SAN

Storage : VNX Block level

Cisco mds switch.

I have few queries, as backup of vm getting failed with 6 error code.

As using SAN, how can I check that the datastore LUNs are accessible to VMware Backup Host. (Apart from checking zoning and masking to storage, which is perfectly fine)
If the previous backup failed, it might have left some disks of the backup VM attached to Backup Host.
These disks need to be manually removed before attempting the next backup. -- How can I find the left out disk of vm on the backup host?
If a new LUN added to storage and zoning done with Backup Host, do we need manual scan at Backup host ?
The backup getting completed using NBD mode as ESXi host is accessible at 902 port via backup host.
But why its being failed using SAN mode, however zoning is perfectly fine?
Your assistance would be really appreciable.


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go to the CLISH of this NBU app then mange/fibre channel/show

if you do not see luns there run from this contetx scan command

and then again show

Hi quebek,

Thanks, however if we do the manual scan we are getting NOS alerts on MDS and SCSI reset alerts on the ESX host, which causing few sec unresponsiveness.

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Well not sure how your zones are being made.... I do hope you have only one initiator per zone in your fabric... Check with the storage team - or whomever who do manage your MDSes.

Hello, per initiator there is one zone.