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How can I remove Robot Control Host on media server

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I have 3  tape libraries (robot 0, 2  3), I will decom 2 of 3 tape libraries. How can I remove robot control (robot 0 & 2) on media server ? 




[root@cark2nnobkup-media7 ~]# tpconfig -d

Id  DriveName           Type   Residence

      Drive Path                                                       Status


0   Drive038             hcart3 TLD(3)  DRIVE=5

      /dev/nst1                                                        UP

1   Drive039             hcart3 TLD(3)  DRIVE=11

      /dev/nst0                                                        UP


Currently defined robotics are:

  TLD(0)     robot control host = cark2nnobkup-master_cluster

  TLD(2)     robot control host = cark2nnobkup-master_cluster

  TLD(3)     robot control host = cark2nnobkup-master_cluster


EMM Server = cark2nnobkup-master_cluster


[root@cark2nnobkup-media7 ~]#

 I don't want to run nbemmcmd -deletealldevices  because it will delete everything . Also I have issue when I delete STU on GUI, it looks like hung after I delete one storage unit. Do you know what command line to delete STU ? Thank you.


Level 6

I found it, it worked well, thank you.

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@T_N wrote:

I found it, it worked well, thank you.

What did you find?