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How do I better manage my DLO Users/Profiles/Computers/Storage Locations

Level 4


I just want some best practice information to better manage my DLO environment through the DLO Administration console.

Would it best to install the DLO console onto individual PC's and manage that way or do I simply manage the DLO console from the actual Administration server by RDP?

Can someone please give me some advice on this.


Ashleigh Stevens



Level 6

Having had a quick glance thru' the Admin Guide (& seeing as you've not had any responses as yet!) I presume you could attack this in exactly the same way we would for the NetBackup Admin Console i.e. remote access from which ever PC suits your needs - as long as the user has adequate permissions:

"...The DLO Administration Console can be managed by any user who has full admin rights on the DLO Administration Server where DLO is installed. The user’s account must be a domain account and must have rights to create network shares and manage permissions of network shares and directories on any remote server used for Storage Locations or network
user data folders. This is commonly accomplished by using a domain administrator account, or can be accomplished by granting a standard domain account local administrative rights to the servers hosting the DLO resources..."

Symantec NetBackup Desktop and Laptop Option™ version 6.1 Administrator’s Guide