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How do I know how much backup was made in the JOB?

Level 2

I'm going to add a new client to the backup and I need to know the size of the backup that was made and monitor over the days what the size of the next backups will be throughout the week.

How do I see the size of the backup made on the day in a virtual machine JOB?

Does it always back up 29Gb?

Is the saved backup 29Gb every time?




Level 3

Thanks for the help.

I looked at the configuration and this option is not enabled. I'm worried because it says that enabling this information may increase the load on system resources.

I find it very strange that a backup solution does not natively inform part of the size of the backup made that day.

There is some information in the licensing report, I don't know if it is any of those.

I tried running the report to show just this new server, but it didn't work.

I would like to see it directly on the MASTER SERVER.