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How do you restore a production server on a DR server with different name?

Level 2
Simple question really, I'm just trying to restore our production master server to our DR master server (different name), how do I do it?

I do a cold catalog backup to a hard disk at our DR site (the header and image files). However, when I try "bprecover -r -dpath "C:\Program Files\VERITAS\cold catalog pathname", it goes through without error, asking me various yes or no questions, but nothing changes on the DR server?

Am I missing something?

Level 6

Once i did this in a Different way (Simple One)

Suppose my production server and Disaster Server details were like
Production Master Details:
Hostname : PROMASTER
IP Address :
Disaster Master Details
IP Address :

1) Copied the three Catalog folder to the correct locations from production master to disaster master.
2) Went to \System32\Drivers\etc folder and modified my hosts file to loop requests for PROMASTER to DISMASTER
i.e. added this entery to Hosts file PROMASTER

and it worked.

Level 2
I tried the lmhosts and that was enough to fool netbackup to run the bprecover onto the DR server. I'm now having various errors, which are probably related to the Veritas database getting confused about the servername difference.

Why is this so complicated? All I want to do is setup a DR server and do a hot\cold\any catalog restore, so when a disaster happens all I need are the tapes from offsite.

If I'm correct, the only way to do a veritas catalog recovery is to build a recovery server from scratch using the exact same server name??? This will take time, surely there is another way to do this?

Level 6
I don't think to change host name is good idea because when you change PROMASTER, on dns will have 1 host name with 2 diff IP address, best way : you need to unplugg the network cable on DR server (it'll be stand alone server), you bprecover on it, good luck

Level 6

Move all the data to the new server and just add this line into the bp.conf file

FORCE_RESTORE_MEDIA_SERVER = oldservername newservername


Level 6
Wouldn't that only work on a UNIX based server? Is there some other modifcation to make for a Windows Master Server?

Level 6
I'm pretty sure the FORCE_RESTORE_MEDIA_SERVER will work on both Windows and Unix.

Level 6
FORCE_RESTORE_MEDIA_SERVER will work on Windows.
difference is that you enter it via the GUI or via a regedit

Level 3
I understand the FORCE_RESTORE_MEDIA_SERVER on the master server itself. Does this need to be set on the client? (if so, where?)

And I'm probably just a num-nuts for this, but how do you change the master server on a windows client?

Level 6
1. The setting discussed is only required on the Master server.
2. There are a couple of ways to do this. Easiest is from the master server: Go into the Host Properties section, Clients sub-section. Double click on the appropriate client. Go to the Servers screen on the Host Properties window. Select an assigned server and click the 'Make Master' button.


Level 3
Ah great.
I looked right past that button (must be monday...)

Thanks a bunch David!