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How to Get Vault list tapes from a specific backup

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Good morning.

I hope you can help me.

We use a Vault system to tapes, these tapes are a secondary backup of a primary backup.

The primary backup expires in 6 months, but the vaults expire in 10 years.

The primary backups from Oracle's databases are make with RMAN and in netbackup policy we executes a script that launches the RMAN processes.

The Primary backup is copied to tape, and this tapes stay inside the robot, the secondary backup is copied to tape and saved to another location.

A backup of the database's backup are approximately between 8 and 12 tapes.

When we need to restore a backup older than 6 months, we have to use the Vault tapes.

RMAN requests the ID_Tape of the primary copy.

We need to know if there is any command that tells us which copy of Vault is relevant to that primary ID_Tape.

for example:

  Primary backup                             tapes Vault tapes
LTOBD123                                       LTOBD800
LTOBD153                                       LTOBD567
LTOBD238                                       LTOBD999
LTOBD279                                       LTOBD545

knowing the backup's date, the ID_TAPES of the primary copy, and the client's name, how can I get the list of respective Vault tapes?

Thank you very much for the help!


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