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How to back up RHEV-H physical node

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I have NBU 8.2 installed and an RHV 4.3 environment (3-nodes) with many VMs. I have successfully configured VM backups. However, I want to back up the physical nodes as well in case of failures. As I know, the nodes have a "light" or custom version of RHEL installed on them and I'm not sure if the NBU agent for RedHat will be able to be installed there.

I could not find anything related to the procedure of backing up the RHEV-H nodes online and was hoping to find a solution here.

All help is appreciated.

Have a nice day.



Disclaimer: I'm more at home with VMware ESXi.

From what I have seen with RHV, it should be enough to backup the VMs (guests) and the RHVM (RH Virtualization Manager). In case of a disaster* with the host, replace/reinstall the light-weight (or full) version on it and add it to RHVM.

* - assuming during a disaster the VMs on that host are migrated automatically to the remaining hosts.

Is there any special configuration that won't be available when adding/replacing/reinstalling a host?


Hello, just to update, NBU is currently backing up the RHV VMs. The RHV manager, however, has a procedure from RedHat on how to back it up, which consists of running a command to back up the configuration to a dump file. After that, this dump file is being copied to another location outside the RHV Manager VM and NBU is taking this dump file and backing it up.

Have a nice day :)