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How to back up transaction log in Exchange 2010 DAG

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Hi, I will deploy NBU 7.1 to 4 Exchange 2010 mailbox servers (Windows 2008 R2). All the servers are in the same DAG. The master server is NBU 7.1 on Windows 2008 R2 SP1. We plan to install NBU 7.1 on the mailbox servers and make them SAN media servers.

My question is: is there a way to back up the transcation log in Exchange 2010 DAG? I read the NetBackup for Exchange guide but did not find information regarding this. Thanks in advance.


Level 5

To backup the transactions logs you can run differential incremental backup, this will backup the transactions logs and it should delete them and of course the full backup will back them up as well.

Cumulative Incremental backups will also backup the transactions logs but it will not truncate the transactions logs.

I.e in the Exchange policy on the master, create a full backup schedule and a Differential Incremental Backup schedule and open the backup window when you want them to run.

When you do the restore you need to restore the full backup and all the Differential Incremental backups up to the point you want to restore.

If you select to run a Full and Cumulative backup, you need to restore the Full backup and the last cumulative backup.

I hope this helps.