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How to backup a Serena PVCS server?

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Has anyone backed up a Serena PVCS server? Our PVCS system seems to be pretty good sized and the backup runs a long time. I can't seem to find any information from Serena. Is there an underlying DB that needs to be backed up? Or something that needs to be quiesced? Any information would be helpful.


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You really need to ask Serena.
Since there is no backup agent for it, there is no NBU documentation for this software. NBU will only be able to perform file-level backup.

I tried to Google this and found a Serena community forum where I saw reference to Support team. Those are the 2 places where you need to ask: the forum where fellow users can better advise you, and log a Support call where you can get the official answer.
Do not even mention NBU when you ask - simply ask: how should this Application be backed up?