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How to change tapes in Veritas Netbackup

Level 1


I want to change a tapes from media library GUI veritas but the issue is i have a tapes in library with status Full,Active and suspended now how do eject the tapes also how do i know that this tapes will be ejected or not please share...

Also please share me the tabs also which tabs i have to go currently i checked from

Path: Reports-media-device management-media 



Level 6
Employee Accredited

Right click the tape under media in the GUI, select eject, then follow the onscreen instructions.

Level 3

If your robot has slots that are designated for inject/eject operations you can use the GUI to instruct the robot to move the tape from the current slot into the CAB/MAP slot. If your robot does not support this feature, you would need to put the robot in the right mode using the control panel and open the door or extract the part of the robot holding the cartridges. 

Please review the safety recommendations and documentation for your robot before working with it. 

Full tapes can be ejected to allow empty ones to be inserted. Suspended tapes should not be left in that state unless there is a specific reason and active tapes will be used to write backups until they become full. Unless you need to eject all tapes every so often, you can leave those in until they are full.