How to change the control server of the tape labrary


Environment: NBU version, Master server AIX 6.1 with cluster, Media server Solaris 10 SPARC, Tape Library IBM TS3500 and IBM TS7650G VTL. MasterServer and MediaServers are working in the same subnetwork and are all connected to the Tape Library

Right now, all the TS3500 and TS7650G VTL are controlled by Master  and are working normal. There is one requirement from the customer, we need do the robtest opertaion on MasterServer and then on MediaServer. The robtest can be excuted normally on MasterServer, then there is a alarm "No locally-controlled robots with test utilities are configured" when i do the robtest on MediaServer .

Could you please tell me how to configure the Tape Library can be controlled by MediaServer. Thanks very much for all your helps.

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Re: How to change the control server of the tape labrary

Only one server can control the robot, and therefore only one server can do robtest.....

Re: How to change the control server of the tape labrary

Firstly, can you verify that the media server can see the tape libraries at OS-level?

Check output of 'scan -changer'
Robot control can only be changed if physically connected (or zoned) to the media server.

After that, the robot control host can be changed in the GUI (couple of steps to update media location as well and storage units checked and confirmed.

I find it strange that robot control should be switched to another server just for the sake of running robtest.
robtest is usually only needed when troubleshooting hardware issues.
Why is it needed on the media server?

Re: How to change the control server of the tape labrary

1.Check output of 'scan -changer'  as attachment.

The tape libraries are mapped to the zones with MasterServer and MediaServer.

2.I try to do the changement follow this manual <https://www.veritas.com/support/en_US/article.TECH30490>. I have moved the volumes to the standalone or (non-robotic). And then I do the change-the-robotic-control with NBU console, but i got a message "The EMM server failed to process the request". 

So, about the steps follow the link as above, does it right or not? thanks.

3.I was aslo confused same with you when I saw this requirement and the test steps from PAT(Provisional Acceptance Test ) document.

Thanks all.