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How to configure Exchange 2010 DAG backup with NetBackup7.1 and SFW6.0

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I have one Windows 2008 R2 SP1 server which is NetBackup Master & Media server with MSDP  ( version, hostname:BACKUPSRV).

Exchange 2010 DAG configured with 2 cas/hub servers (CASHUB01, CASHUB02) and 2 mailbox servers (MBOX01-active node, MBOX02-passive node), all Windows 2008 R2 SP1, Exchange 2010 SP2, NBU

  • The backup policy for Exchange is configured like this:
    • Policy Type: MS-Exchange-Server
    • Storage Unit: SU_MSDP01
    • Perform snapshot backup is selected with this options: Snapshot method: VSS, Provider Typer: 0, Snapshot Attribute: 0, Maximum Snapshots: 1
    • GRT is disabled
    • Database backup source: Passive Copy only (that is MBOX02)
    • Client name: DAG01 (this is the virtual name)
    • Backup selection list: Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups:\

    This policy was working fine until the installation of SFW6.0 on MBOX02. The following options are installed:

  • Now I get this error: FTL - snapshot creation failed - VSS volume snap failed., status 130.

    There is no problem backing up the DAG databases from MBOX01.

    Can DAG backup function properly when there is SFW installed on MBOX02? What do I need to configure? I can provide bpfis log from MBOX02 if needed.



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    You will need bpfis log to ensure that VSS is indeed selected and not SFW FlashSnap.

    Please double-check VSS providers with the following command from cmd:

    vssadmin list providers