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How to configure SAP application hosts to NBU Media server going to OST

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Hi Experts

I am looking to configure SAP application hosts  as media server to backup itself to OST ProtecTIER

What are the requirements I may required to list @  Master server & Media server ( SAP application host ) end.

Host : RHEL 6

Master Server: RHEL OS with NBU





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Please explain what exactly you want to 'list' @ Master server & Media server end?

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hi Marianne

Sorry for not coming back quickly & confusing question, not sure how I missed your above comment

At last I end up raising a call with symantec and able to work with one of the engineer.

We were just trying to configure client as media server which got SAP application on Oracle database with RMAN, as we did not backup any database backup directly to OST appliance yet and this was the first time.

Anyway all done now, backups writing to OST , having just 84 media write error issue

I think if i required I may raise new post here for that seprately.






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Just quick overview what has been done to resolve the issue

Firstly , Install Netbackup media server software & OST Plugin software on media server , then

1) Get the network team to get client routes to be fixed on ProtecTIER  both nodes and vice versa

2) Configure 8 OST IPs with address index 0 & 1 on SAP Application media server

ostp_cli net_cfg_add_addr <Storage ServerName> 0 10.10.xx.xx:23979

3)Check media server communication with Storage server as follows

    a) /opt/IBM/ost_plugin_tools/ostp_cli check_comm  < Storage Server Name>

            Eg: /opt/IBM/ost_plugin_tools/ostp_cli check_comm PTIBMPROTECTIER01

4)  /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbdevconfig -creatests -storage_server <Storage Server Name> -stype <Storage Type> -st 9 -media_server <media server name>

5) /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/tpconfig -add -storage_server <Storage Server Name> -stype <Storage Type > -sts_user_id <storage user id > -password <password>

6) Create Storage Unit in the Netbackup Master Server

7) Restart Netbackup on Media Server

8) Create Test Backup Policy & run backup to test now - Done

I hope it would help someone