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How to configure SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS_DISK on win media server

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Hi all,

I need to set the SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS_DISK on windows media server with win 2012 Server and NBU 7.6.

I found this TN:

where i tooke these steps:

Windows Media Server - USE FILES:

SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS - Located in <install_path>\NetBackup\db\config directory

This is the size of the buffer that is used by bptm/bpdm processes (child/parent) to communicate with each other.  It is also the tape block size that bptm uses to write to tape. 

NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS - Located in the <install_path>\NetBackup\db\config directory  is a bptm setting to set the number of Data Buffers available to the bptm process for communication between the parent and the child .

my problem is on the media server the path "<install_path>\NetBackup\db\config" does not exist. My path is "<install_path>\NetBackup\db".

Suggest you to create a new Folder named \config and after SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS file ??

thank you very much


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Yes, just make the folder called "config"



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Double-check that Windows does not add .txt as file extension....

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Dont forget if you use tape that you can add the SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS and NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS too .... these are all in upper case with no file extention

I usually start off with 32 for all of the numbers, 262144 for tape and 1048576 for disk .. the numbers can be increased quite a bit as time goes on but test each increase first.

If you change the tape buffer size from teh default (64k) then you will need to relabel tapes before you use them to overwrite the header and set the new size (label without the verify option selected)


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Thank you guys,

I need to set these two parameters as best practice only for Open Storage Store Once HP, not for tapes.

PS C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\db\config> dir

    Directory: C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\db\config

Mode                LastWriteTime     Length Name
----                -------------     ------ ----
-a---          3/1/2016   1:38 PM          6 NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS_DISK
-a---          3/1/2016   1:38 PM          3 SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS_DISK


best regards,


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OK - not sure which figures you plan to use then?

The Storeonce i have seen were VTL's but they liked 1048576 best as the size