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How to disable email alerts on my Unix base Master server

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I need to disable email alerts from my Master server until I fix an ongoing issue.  I checked the Universal Settings on the Master and the Clients, there are no email addresses listed.   Where else can I look for settings to disable email alerts from Master server? 

I noticed an entry in the bp.conf file see below.  If these lines are comment out will email alerts be disabled?

USEMAIL = <masterserver_email_address>



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Have you checked Global Attributes on the master as well? 
This setting also has a field for 'Administrator email address'. 

A good TN that describes the difference between Global Attributes and Universal settings:

You may also want to look in NBU Admin Guide II under the topic 'NetBackup notify scripts'  for a list of 'notify' scripts on the master or media server and see if any is configured with valid email address.


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If not on Master Server, you should probably consider looking at OpsCenter Server ? You might have configured email alerts there. Try disabling it from there.

Thank you, Marianne, that worked.  The email addresses were listed on the Global Attribute tab.