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How to disable scanning "Discover Data and Backup"

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   I need a little help to disable the the scanning in netbackup server. Our security team is complaining that backup server is trying to communicate with some out side IPs. 

They have given me these steps to disable the scanning:

The Symantec/Veritas Backup Exec software has been known to scan the network looking for other systems. If the backup exec software is present, then the scanning has been disabled in the past by the following steps when running the backup software:
1. Select backup icon in upper left corner
2. Configuration and Settings
3. Backup Exec Settings
4. Discover Data to Back Up
5. Uncheck "Discover servers that have data that has not been backed up"
6. Ok to save the changes
I am not able to find the Configuration and settings button. Can someone please help me to find it. we are running NBU 7.7.3.

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The only "outside" system Netbackup will try to contact is the telemetry servers.

Telemetry can be disabled. On Linux/UNIX system set TELEMETRY_UPLOAD  = NO i bp.conf.

The steps given by the security does not apply for Netbackup , only to BackupExec (Veritas Entry level backup product).

Some tech notes:

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