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How to reconnect to backup infra after client is reimaged

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This is to know the process in which a linux client can connect back to backup infra after it has gone through disaster situations .. following is the scenario :

- a linux (RHEL 7.x client) taking filesystem back to NBU 812 media/master

- something went wrong on client and we had to reimage the client node

Question : after re-imaging the client machine we can install nbu client (not on host but as a continer) and still be able to connect to same Media/master so that old backups are accessible for restore ...or i have to delete old policies and recreate new one  ?

Thanks in Advance.,



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Hi Rakesh - I assume the client hostname is not changing... in which case, all of your backups should still exist on backup storage (tape and/or disk) and should still be listed / browsable in the NetBackup catalog, as long as the retention period has not yet expired.  And so, after re-creating the source client OS, and keeping the same client hostname, and re-installing NetBackup Client, and re-certificating the client (if required), then after all that the client should be able to browse and restore from prior backups.  You should not need to re-create or amend any backup policies.

However, if the re-created physical or virtual server (backup client) is changing its name then other steps will be required to allow the newly named client to browse the prior backups which are catalogued under the old client hostname.