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How to report queued & active jobs in NOM?

Level 2
Hi There,

I'm trying to use NOM to report on jobs that are currently not "Done" - i.e. Queued, Active, Waiting for Retry, etc.

On my installation it seems like the "Job" and "Job Attempt" data views only contain jobs that are "Done", even though I can select the JobState for inclusion in the reports and filters. But if I filter for "JobState IN 'Active,Incomplete,Queued,Suspended,Undefined,Waiting for Retry'" (i.e. everything but "Done") I get no rows in my report. If I don't filter, I can see that all of the job states are set to "Done" and currently active jobs are not included in the data view.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there really no way to show jobs not "Done" in a custom report?



Level 6
I tried but was not able to figure it out.  Will try again when I have more time.

I would be a good report to get on the weekends to know what is still running.

Level 6
This is a default behaviour.


NOM Admin Guide Page 183

Level 3

Why is this a default behavior. If on the monitoring page, there is a count of active jobs which is a link to a report of the active jobs. This report should be made available and customizable to us. I have customers wanting to know if their backups are still active at certain times and a generated report to them would be great so my team doesn't have to manually check this information.
Please make this report available.