How to restore NetBackup v7.1 from Data Domain

HQ Site:

1 master / 2media backing up to 1 Data Domain 860 (version  (All master/media servers are WS2008/R2)

Data Domain860 replicates to DataDomain670 (one at Local DR Site (15 miles away), one at a Regional DR Site in another state)


Local DR Site:

1 master server (same name of master but not connected to production network since it is same name)

1 Data Domain 670


Regional DR Site:

1 master server (same name of master but not connected to production network since it is same name)

1 Data Domain 670


How do I recover the catalog from the Data Domain at my Local DR site? (recovery procedures would be the same for my backups; as well as procedures at regional site).

Normally, I use tapes so when I run bprecover; I can point it to a tape barcode #

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R rU using OST?? If you R

R rU using OST??

If you R using VTL, U should have a Catalog Pool,

have U sent by email a DR file?

By the way. it should

By the way. it should help



Please speak to your EMC/DD

Please speak to your EMC/DD team about AIR - Automatic Image Replication.

According to this post, it can be done with DDBoost 2.6 and DDOS 5.3.

This is what I've done for a customer about 2 years ago (different master server names):



EMC doesn't need to get

EMC doesn't need to get involved about an AIR disccusion.  Once DDOS5.3 is released as well as the 2.6 OST plug-in you are 2/3rd of the way there of making it work, where as Symantec didn't support it before.  Saving it for their own competitive advantage.

You will also need either 7.5 or 7.6 of NBU to make it work as well.  I have some draft docs of the AIR functionality for DD that EMC made, but I suspect that you'll need to know more about AIR on teh NBU side, then what EMC documents.


Frankly DDOS 5.3 is more important for BOOST over FC, Accelerator, and Synthetic backups than AIR IMO.  AIR is just a nice to have.


Hello,   there r 4 types of



there r 4 types of DD Replication, one of them, just a Directory (tree) is replicated the other one everything is replicated, includind Passwords, snapshots, If U had used Collection Repplication, just point your Master server to the destination and use as the first,


If U used (and probably used this one) the managed file replication, U should use NB to recover, there is no need to change DD


See ya.

some usefull papers here.



I have created a DSU (via

I have created a DSU (via NFS) on my Data Domain for catalog backup and then configured internal data domain replication to a secondary Data Domain.

Catalog recovery is very simple because a DSU does not require any advanced configuration. Just point to the replicated catalog directory and restore is running.

All other replication are using SLP's.

Re: I have created a DSU (via


I'm trying to comfirm I have understood you correctly

Can you kindly  confirm thew below

1. you created an NFS share on the source  DataDomain .

2. You backed up the catalogue  to this NFS share . This source share is replicated by the DataDomain (rather than netbackup)  , to an area on the destination DD. The destination is also an NFS share , probably of the same name.

3. In the recovery Wizard you  specify the DR file that was created from the Catalogue backup . This DR file  knows that the  Catalogue Backup can be found in  the nfs share , and recovers the catalogue from there.


Re: I have created a DSU (via

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Things have DRAMATICALLY changed since NBU 7.1 and recent OST and DDOS.

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