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How to restore an email Exchange 2016 (backed up with GRT) that backed up directly from Host/node i

Level 4

Hello all,

We having an issue earlier where we having an issue to perform backup directly to the Exchange 2016 host/node. Somehow we manage to do it after getting help from the backup community in VOX.

Now, since we have a good backup, we tried to perform a restoration. We have tried a few time but failed with error code 5 and 2810. It seems that we cannot perform the restore by pointing to DAG or directly to exchange host/node.

Please help.

Thank you



Level 6

@goliath_kj  May i know which method you have used to configure backup ?

Is it GRT or NON-GRT backup ?

Are you trying to restore a full database or an email inbox ?


We used GRT backup. in backup policy, we used the exchange hostname/node.

The restoration we tried is an email from inbox. 



Sorry for the delay respond. After logged this issue to Veritas support, it seems that the issue is with Microsoft Exchange 2016. There seems to be problem with the smtp hence we cannot proceed with GRT restore. On the other hand, we  able to perform the DB recovery to the RDB