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How to separate Master and Media Server

Level 2
we have actually the media and master server on the same physical server : I want to separate the tow roles ? Can somebody tell me the step needed ?
What will be the impact on the catalog ?
Thank you for your response ?

Level 6
simply create a new media server and associated storage unit and update the policies to use them.

Level 4
You don't say what version of netbackup you're running.  The catalog is different under version 6 vs 5.1 and prior; the DR scenarios are different.  basically it comes down to what is put on a media server, which changes in version 6.
Don't forget licensing if you add media servers.

Level 2
First, thank you for your replies (excuse my english, it's not my language Smiley Happy ).
we'ra actually in version 4.5 (yes !) and migrating in 6.0 but I knew (I think so) how to do that and I didn't want to merge problems.
I think there is no really difference between first migrating from 4.5 to 6.0 and after separate master and media or separate and then migrate...
But the first solution seems to bee easier beacause there is one server to migrate not tow...isn't-it ?