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How to set credentials for a target media server

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Need to one time replicate NBU backup images from one NBU site to a remote NBU target site.  The backup images are successfully replicated from the NBU source site to the NBU target site per SLP policy as the SLP duplications complete with Status 0.

On the NBU target site when running the phase one import from the catalog menu “Initiate Import”, the job starts, but immediately fails.  The Activity Monitor “Detailed Status” returns the error:

     09/16/2020 00:04:55 - begin Import

     09/16/2020 00:04:55 - end Import; elapsed time 0:00:00

     09/16/2020 00:04:55 - requesting resource @aaaad

     09/16/2020 00:04:55 - Error nbjm (pid=26120) NBU status: 2107, EMM status: Requested media server does not have credentials or is not configured for the storage server

     Requested media server does not have credentials or is not configured for the storage server  (2107)

The “user_ops” import log “jbpImport1-20200916000452.log “ shows similar:

     Import phase 1 started 09/16/2020 00:04:55

     00:04:55 INF - Cannot obtain resources for this job : error [2107]

So the credentials need to be set on the target media server.

Q:   Is there a current Technote / doc showing how to set credentails for the media server ?



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Hmmm - if you have SLP wokring already so than the backup image should be imported as in SLP you should have operation of  import - right? So I am not following why you need to do phase 1 and 2 of import? this backup image should be there... something is NOK... here


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Could also be a version issue. Under older versions of NBU it was sufficient to just have the Source & Destination Masters trusting each other. Starting with v8.1.2 the Source & Destination Media Servers also have to trust each other (due to the continued security improvements to the daemon communications). 

See also
On that page the section you want starts with "For 8.1.2 and higher, perform the following steps:"



Can you check if the disk pool referring to @aaaad has access to NBU Target site?? Technically, the duplication jobs also may fail if does not have access. 

Also can you verify all the operations in SLP are set correct for image replication to work??