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How to throttle/limit NBU AIR so it will not use all available bandwidth on the network

Level 3

Were having an issue with NBU consuming all the network bandwidth, we have a 200/mbps link and we want to throttle the NBU Replication/AIR for only 140/mbps.


Level 6

Hi @mdderecho 

You can set a bandwidth limit in the agent.cfg file within the MSDP pool (<path>/etc/puredisk/agent.cfg).

The setting to look for is bandwidthlimit (it will be set to 0 which means no limit). 

The value to use is in KiB/s - so I think you would want to set this to 14000 (adjusted for bytes rather than bits). 

This is set in the source MSDP and will apply to all duplications/replications from that pool.

The other way is to use network QOS to throttle bandwidth (which is outside NetBackup control).


Hi @davidmoline ,
Good day!
Thank you for replying, sorry I got confused, is it correct that if we want to throttle the bandwidth to 140/mbps, the value of bandwidth limit in agent.cfs  is need to convert to KiloBits or KiloBytes?

140 Megabits (Mb) = 143,360 Kilobits (Kb)
140 Megabits (Mb) = 17,920 KiloBytes (KB)

Default value:


Hi @mdderecho 

I thought I said bytes not bits in my original post but maybe I wasn't clear.
And then I guess I confused matters by simplfying the calculation to 14000 rather than a more correct 17920 (140  x 1024 / 8).


Hi @davidmoline , Ohh I see, thanks for this, I will consider this and test it. Thanks again and keep safe always.