How to use "silentuninstall.cmd" properly ?

Hi all,

With SCCM I deploy NBU on some client PCs, using the "silentclient.cmd", and this works very well.

Unfortunately, for some types of clients I have to go back and uninstall NBU ...

So I created a new Deployment that should allow me to uninstall the client using the "silentuninstall.cmd".

I first performed a test locally running this .cmd on a test machine, but the client did not uninstall at all, at best some services stopped.

See attached, the logs involved ...

How to make the "silentuninstall.cmd" work properly?

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Re: How to use "silentuninstall.cmd" properly ?

05-27-2019,13:40:44 :  ERROR: Warning the following processes are still running that need be shutdown. These processes have NetBackup dlls loaded which need to be replaced.tracker.exe                    	(PID: 6548)Please terminate the processes listed above and then click Retry or click Cancel to stop the install.
05-27-2019,13:40:44 :  Install failed. The following processes are maintaining handles to NetBackup files, preventing installation from proceeding:tracker.exe                    	(PID: 6548)
05-27-2019,13:40:44 :  CustomAction Deferred_DuplicateDLLsCheck returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)
05-27-2019,13:40:44 :  Action ended 13:40:44: InstallExecute. Return value 3.

Uninstall couldn't stop tracker.exe (Job Tracker) and couldn't uninstall NBU. Try to cancel it manually and check if your scipt is able to uninstall NBU now

Re: How to use "silentuninstall.cmd" properly ?

Hi Mike,

I canceled it manually, and then my script was able to uninstall NBU.

For testing again, I reinstalled NBU, tracker.exe process was running so, and tried my script again : uninstall was succesfull.

Diffrences between these 2 tries : first install had been done with SCCM, and second install with a Domain Admin account.

Now, I will check with reinstall by SCCM...