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How to use "silentuninstall.cmd" properly ?

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Hi all,

With SCCM I deploy NBU on some client PCs, using the "silentclient.cmd", and this works very well.

Unfortunately, for some types of clients I have to go back and uninstall NBU ...

So I created a new Deployment that should allow me to uninstall the client using the "silentuninstall.cmd".

I first performed a test locally running this .cmd on a test machine, but the client did not uninstall at all, at best some services stopped.

See attached, the logs involved ...

How to make the "silentuninstall.cmd" work properly?


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05-27-2019,13:40:44 :  ERROR: Warning the following processes are still running that need be shutdown. These processes have NetBackup dlls loaded which need to be replaced.tracker.exe                    	(PID: 6548)Please terminate the processes listed above and then click Retry or click Cancel to stop the install.
05-27-2019,13:40:44 :  Install failed. The following processes are maintaining handles to NetBackup files, preventing installation from proceeding:tracker.exe                    	(PID: 6548)
05-27-2019,13:40:44 :  CustomAction Deferred_DuplicateDLLsCheck returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)
05-27-2019,13:40:44 :  Action ended 13:40:44: InstallExecute. Return value 3.

Uninstall couldn't stop tracker.exe (Job Tracker) and couldn't uninstall NBU. Try to cancel it manually and check if your scipt is able to uninstall NBU now

Hi Mike,

I canceled it manually, and then my script was able to uninstall NBU.

For testing again, I reinstalled NBU, tracker.exe process was running so, and tried my script again : uninstall was succesfull.

Diffrences between these 2 tries : first install had been done with SCCM, and second install with a Domain Admin account.

Now, I will check with reinstall by SCCM...