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Hyper-V Client list

Level 4

Hi, im trying to remove clients from policies as they have been decom. Under Summary of All Policies->Clients, i do not see some of the clients. Under Activity Monitor for the same policy i see clients that are not listed in it. Its query based, Server Type: System Center Virtual Manager.

I tried to exclude a server since its queried based:

AND NOT VMHost StartsWith "brmwp-ctxgs001"
OR ComputerName StartsWith "brmwp-sqlbak01"

 but dont seem to work. When i "Test Query" the client still shows up as Included after ive updated the policy.

Is there another way to this? Do i need to do anything from Hyper-V side?

Can someone assist with this please.

Thank you.


Level 5


AND NOT Computername Contains "brmwp-ctxgs001" AND NOT Computername Contains "brmwp-sqlbak01"

You need to check the Hyper-V tab of the policy. What is the Primary VM Identifer being used? That will probably need to mtach the field you are using  in your query.


ill try your suggestion. Primary Identifier is VM display Name but since the Server Type is System Center Virtual Machine Manager i cant use Display Name in the query builder. which i think is causing the issue of not excluding clients.

Would you happen to know or point me to, where all the clients are listed in Hyper-V?

To my understanding, you download netbackup client on Hyper-V or cluster and there is file where you list all the clients?

Since the servers have been decom can i just remove them from the Hyper-V list, if thats possible?

Thank you