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I can't download file NetBackup_8.1.1_CLIENTS from

Level 2

Hi all, 

I want download NetBackup_8.1.1_CLIENTS from, but Veritas don't allow. Please tell me, how to download NetBackup_8.1.1_CLIENTS?

Tks so much!


Level 6

Hi @josehngo 

Firtsly you need to sign in to the support site to be able to download anything.

Seconsly you need to have an entitlement to download something as well.

If you think you should be able to download NetBackup software, then I would suggest from the support site logging a case with customer care to check your access rights and ability to download software. Are you able to download anything else? To log an online case, go back to the support home ( and click on my cases - from there it should be simple to raise a case.

It is possible that whoever manages the account for your company hasn't provided access to you. Customer care should be able to help resolve the issue. 


Level 2

Hi David, 

I created account, however i can't dowload.



Ho @josehngo 

Creating an account is an important first step, however it appears that your account is not yet associated with any entitlement or company. The entitlement ID or organisation account number is something that would have been delivered when your organisation purchased the software. You will need to associate your account with one of those via the licensing section of the support site.

If you can't register your entitlement then try to see if customer care can help you (maybe this has already been done by someone else in the organisation