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I have doubt on BPSTART_TIMEOUT working.

Level 4

So suppose i have set bpstart_timeout value to 800 seconds in my bp.conf on master server

My backup has 8 seperate streams.
So this bpstart time out is for all individual streams 

will it wait for 800 seconds for stream 1 to complete before it gets timedout
Or this 800 seconds is for complete backup ?

And when we say bpstart started and bpstarted finished bpstart finished what we actually mean what netbackup looks for before saying bpstart complete ? Does it mean that stream 1 is about to start actual data transfer ?



Level 6
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Are you using bpstart_notify on one or more clients?

bpstart_timeout only applies to client backups where bpstart_notify scripts have been implemented on clients. 
bpstart_notify script on client needs to complete before bpstart_timeout value.

Please read up in NBU Admin Guide II how bpstart_timeout is linked to bpstart_notify:

Backup start notify timeout is also explained in Admin Guide I under :
Configuring Host Properties  -> Timeouts properties